About Us


It all started 26 years ago... we traveled from Romania to Canada with three daughters and our little dog, searching for a decent life. Both my husband and I were engineers but I decided to change my career path to adapt to something I had a strong passion for... Coffee! 10 years ago we opened Café O, we knew that opening a small business would pose some challenges. However, we overcame them and became stronger with the amazing support of my family every step of the way. Especially my oldest daughter Irina, I can't thank her enough, after graduating from Guelph University she dedicated her time to help me get the business where it is today. Here at Café O, being a family operated business we take extra pride in every coffee, espresso and meal made in our store. Having amazing customers come in and out everyday and always leaving satisfied, shows that we appreciate everyone. Making each person feel welcomed and comfortable is just part of our everyday business life. Our shop, Café O, specializes in espresso-base coffees as well as coffee roasting. All of our products are made with organic substances which allows each cup of coffee to be Fresh, Rich and Smooth! We put an enormous amount of effort and love into everything this business has to offer.

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